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ANTARA News Agency


ANTARA News Agency is a private company under the Ministry of State-owned Enterprises of Indonesia. It is a national news agency which supplying news reports to many domestic media organizations. It is the only organization authorized to distribute news material created by foreign news agencies.

The news agency was founded by Adam Malik, Soemanang, A. M. Sipahoetar and Pandoe Kartawigoena on December 13, 1937, which represented its founder criticism of Dutch colonial practices of the day. The agency remained under private management until it as placed under the control of the presidency in 1960s when the government shifted its focus from decolonization to nation-build. ANTARA became the institution through which the state could promote its policies. Its journalism is the platform to speak out for the diverse oppressed people’s of the archipelago, and unify them as one nation.

Following a wave of political reforms in late 1990s, ANTARA began to produce its reporting independently from the government and was re-organized as a state-owned enterprises in 2007. ANTARA celebrated its 80th anniversary on December 13, 2017, and held photo exposition “80 Years in 80 Photos: Chronicling Indonesia in Images since 1937” in World Press Freedom Day 2017 in Jakarta.