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Notimex, News Agency of Mexican state

International Media Partners

Notimex, News Agency of Mexican state

With 47 years of experience, Notimex is the number one Spanish-speaking news agency in Latin America. It has a professional team of journalists that progress in order to strengthen itself as a digital agency, with the most verified, reliable and accurate information; likewise with global content and multimedia support.Its team of correspondents and photographers in major Mexican cities complements the news coverage that generates its team of reporters, photographers and cameramen from its headquarters in Mexico City.
Notimex reinforces the global vision with its mobilization ability with more than 25 international correspondents in North and South America, and in the main European cities, a traveling partner in Africa and Middle East, as well as many agreements with international news agencies.
A sample of the global range is the production of Francisco’s program, “Mexico open-access way”, where the head of the Catholic Church answers questions from Mexican people and reached the Americas, Europe and Asia mass media.
—  In 2015 the website www.notimex.com.mx shared 146, 380 texts, 90,000 photographs, 70,000 news messages on social networks, 7 600 with audiovisual support, and nearly a thousand computer graphics. Its production generated in media and social networks 1, 680,000 million hits (views).
—  Its website caught 279 455 users, 2 328 000 views and nearly 35 million searches (Google Analytics). In social networks has about 200, 000 followers.