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Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) covers all information Rossiya Segodnya (the “Agency) may receive from www.stenincontest.com website visitors.

Information available at www.stenincontest.com (the “Website”) is provided for reference only, and may be changed in any way without prior notice.

General provisions

Using the Website constitutes an unconditional acceptance by the Website visitor (the “User”) of this Privacy Policy and data processing terms. If the User does not agree to these terms, he/she must refrain from using the Website.

Information the Agency needs in order to serve the User is set out on the Website. The Agency does not need any other information.

The Agency proceeds from the premise that the User provides accurate personal data.

The Website does not assess the User’s legal capacity.

The Website does not check information provided by the User for accuracy.

Information security

The User information is confidential.

The Agency guarantees that organizational and technical measures are undertaken to protect User information from illegal or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, distribution and other illegal actions by third parties.

The Agency guarantees that User information is processed in keeping with the applicable laws of the Russian Federation and for the purpose of providing services to the User.

The Agency guarantees that no information obtained from the User shall be provided to third parties, except in cases stipulated by the laws of the Russian Federation.


When completing a purchase on the Website the User receives confirmation on the email address he/she provided.

The Agency guarantees that the User email address will not be used for advertising or spam.

Final provisions

The Website uses cookies for an enhanced user experience. This can be switched off in your browser settings. Instructions on how to do this are on the website of your browser.

Some items on the Agency website www.stenincontest.com (the “Website”) are the Agency’s intellectual property. Its use is governed by the applicable laws of the Russian Federation.

The Company may amend the Privacy Policy and confidentiality terms subject to notifying the User by placing information to this effect on the Website.

Feedback. Questions and proposals

You can send your proposals and questions regarding this Privacy Policy and the Website to info@stenincontest.com.


Privacy Policy

I hereby grant Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency, located at 4 Zubovsky Blvd, Moscow 119034, Russia, permission to process my personal data on the terms and for the purposes set forth in the Rules of the 9th Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest.