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China Daily website


China Daily website (chinadaily.com.cn), launched in 1995, is China’s first national English-language website. It has become a comprehensive multimedia outlet and is now China’s most influential English-language web portal. The China Daily website provides 24-hour authoritative information on China through multiple channels.
The China Daily website team has also established English websites for more than 200 government organizations and enterprises, including the State Council, the Supreme People's Court, the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education, and the National Health and Family Planning Commission.
Data (April, 2016)
Web page views per day: more than 52million
Sina Weibo followers: more than 22 million
WeChat readers: more than 1 million
App downloads worldwide: more than 6 million
Facebook followers: more than 5 million
Registered users of online forum: more than 1 million