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AlYoum AlSabee


AlYoum AlSabee is an independent daily news website and hard copy. Its website www.youm7.com is the most read in Egypt, it was launched in 2007, and it has witnessed a boom with the rise of social media. Our Facebook page has 13 million followers, Twitter page has 7.25 m followers, Instagram account has 2.7 m followers, Youtube account has 1.5 m followers and Google + has 1.5 m.
Youm7 had many awards in last 8 years, including Forbs award for the most effective news website in the Middle East for 2 years in a row, Youtube Golden award and Arab Journalism Award “Dubai”.
Almost 600 journalists work with AlYoum AlSabee, most of them under the age of 35. It has correspondents in all governorates, and all Egyptian and foreign institutions in the country.
The website publishes almost 1500 news items per day, it has a daily 4 m visitors, it covers politics, sports, entertainment, woman, fashion, economy, culture, arts and international news.
Youm7 has many subordinate websites, among which is the educational Cairo Dar, Super Kora sports website, Video 7, Photo 7, Parlmany and the English version Egypt Today which has news website and hard copy.
The newspaper sends reporters to cover the major international events, among which the annual UN assembly. It targets all audience who has access to the internet.