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Contrastes http://contrastesmag.cl/

Latin American photography magazine
Contrastes was created by a group of Argentine photographers and journalists who wanted to create a photography magazine for professionals, students and amateurs. Since 2013, the Argentine magazine has been published on high-quality paper, with an annual digital edition. The magazine has received several awards, including a prize of the Association of Technical and Specialized Press (APTA).

In 2015, the magazine started to expand beyond Argentina, with new editions in Chile and, over the past couple of years, in Uruguay, Peru and Colombia. The popular photography magazine has an easily recognizable style. Articles in the Lighting, Postproduction and Studio sections always consist of theory and practice for readers to learn from specific examples. The Behind the Stage section explains how to create photographs in different genres such as nighttime photography, astrophotography, underwater, macro photography and many others.

The spirit of photography is everywhere, starting from a famous photographer’s portrait on the cover,down to an article about the person. The Interview section introduces readers to experienced professionals in various areas such as photojournalistm, fashion, portrait and even gastronomy, The History section also offers stories about unusual cases in the history of photography that could be of interest to readers.

In each edition, there is a story of an iconic world-class photographer and the photographs that made them famous. In the Masters section, one will read about Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa and Sergio Larrain, the first South American photographer hired by the famous Magnum Photos agency. The Experiments section suggests new ideas and topics.

Those who have embarked on the professional photography journey will be interested in the Entrepreneurs section. Those who want to stay up to date on  photography news will learn about state-of-the-art equipment in the Review section.

In each Contrastes magazine various journalist genres (reports, chronicles, investigations) are illustrated by impressive pictures thus creating the unique image of a high-quality magazine.