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People’s Daily Online


Founded on January 1, 1997, People’s Daily Online is a large-scale information exchange platform centered on news. It was constructed by China’s largest newspaper — People’s Daily, and is also a publicly-traded media and cultural company with People’s Daily as its biggest shareholder. On April 27, 2012, People’s Daily Online was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange, becoming China’s first news website to be listed on the A-shares market.

People’s Daily Online is one of the largest and most comprehensive internet media sources in the world. In addition to the Chinese-language edition, it also provides news and other information in seven ethnic minority languages and nine foreign languages, including English, Russian, French, Spanish, and Arabic.

As the flagship media outlet of People’s Daily, People’s Daily Online has given full play to its value regarding politics, capital, platform, brand, and communication in its 21 years of development.