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The Paper


The Paper
The Paper is a successful modern media outlet spun off from the Oriental Morning Post. Online since July 2014, it is dedicated to original content with a focus on current affairs and politics. The website is available in app form, as well as full and mobile versions, and has accounts on the popular Chinese social media platforms Weibo and WeChat.  To date the app has 10.1 million registered users and 8.6 million daily active users.

There are 7 sections in The Paper: Video, Current Affairs, Business, Share Your Thoughts, Politics Q&A, Lifestyle and Q&A. The 14 subsections of the Video section offer the latest news and thematic programming, covering current affairs and different aspects of life. The 23 subsections of Current Affairs offer insight into the current political dynamics in China, the changes occurring in today’s complex world, and news from Hong Kong and Taiwan. The Business section has 9 subsections offering detailed coverage of the top economic policy news, analysis by finance experts, economic forecasts, the latest trends in real estate investment, regional business news, and detailed analysis of economic policy in the country. Share Your Thoughts has 16 subsections and serves as a platform for the clash of ideas, analysis of recent events in China and other countries, and informed assessments of cultural and societal events. Politics Q&A is a platform for the government to release the latest news, refute rumors and participate in online Q&A sessions. Lifestyle has 13 subsections covering society, culture and the entertainment industry. The section Q&A is a platform for experts and popular figures to answer, in earnest and in jest, the most varied questions from internet users.

The sharing of The Paper’s linked content on websites like Today’s Headline, NetEase, Tencent, Sina, and Sohu, among others, helps shape public opinion in the country.