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Открытие выставки фотокорреспондента МИА "Россия сегодня" Андрея Стенина

The Andrei Stenin Photo Contest 2016 winners announcement

© РИА Новости, Евгения Новоженина

MOSCOW, Aug 04. (Rossiya Segodnya press service) – Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency has announced the winners of the 2016 Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest. The winners of the Top News category this year are photojournalists Ammar Abdullah (Syria) with the photo "Escapees" and Balazs Beli  (Hungary) with photo series "The Balkan route"; in the World Colors. Harmony of Life category Yelena Anosova (Russia) was chosen for her photo "Neck of the woods"and Fyodor Telkov (Russia) for the photo series "Old Believers"; in the Sports category Alexei Malgavko (Russia) won for the photo “2015 FINA world championships. Diving” and Alexei Filippov (Russia) for the series titled "Confrontation"; in the My Country category Elena Chernomortseva (Russia) finished on top with the photograph "The history in water" and Dmitrie Tkachuk (Russia) with the series called "White silence"; in the Portrait. Hero of Our Time category Danilo Garcia Di Meo (Italy) prevailed with the photostory titled "Letizia, A Story of Unseen Lives.".  The awards ceremony, where the winner of the most important award in the competition – the Grand Prix will be announced, will take place in Moscow on August 30, 2016, and it will coincide with the opening ceremony of the related exhibition. The contest is run by Rossiya Segodnya under the auspices of the Russian Federation Commission for UNESCO.

"We are very pleased to announce the winners of the 2016 Stenin Photo Contest. This year we introduced  new categories to give young photographers the opportunity to cover a wider range of issues. The competition brought together photojournalists from 71 countries and from all 5 continents. [We are] very pleased that many young talents that we discovered in the past year, such as Yelena Anosova, Darya Isayeva, Matic Zorman, took part in the contest this year. It is important to note that the jury could not ignore so many well-taken photo stories that forced all of them to think, that were so imbued with the story that was depicted in the photographs or series, that it was decided to make a few honorable mentions of the jury "- Alexander Shtol, director of Rossiya Segodnya’s Photo Information Directorate, noted.

The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest aims to promote young photographers and raise public awareness of photojournalism and its purpose. It is Russia’s only platform purposely aimed at discovering new photojournalists and supporting and encouraging high standards of documentary photography in Russia and the around world.  This year the contest had a record-breaking international reach, featuring photographers from 71 countries and from all five continents competing for the right to call themselves the best in the world.


The full list of Winners for The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest


Top News Category

I place  — Ammar Abdullah (Syria) —  Escapees   II place — Ashraf Amra (Palestine) — Palestinain Yehya Hasan mourns
III place — Nikolai Khizhnyak (Russia) – Don’t shoot at the Sun
Jury Honorable Mention — Sergey Stroitelev (Russia) — Angel
Jury Honorable Mention — Matic Zorman (Slovenia) — Waiting to Registered

I place — Balazs Beli (Hungary) – The Balkan route
II place  — Vadim Braidov (Russia) – Splinters
III place — Sergey Stroitelev (Russia) – The Path
Jury Honorable Mention — Gabriele Micalizzi (Italy) – Kobane. Enemyat the gates
Jury Honorable Mention — Matic Zorman (Slovenia) – The Balkan route (2)  

World Colors. Harmony of Life Category
I place —Yelena Anosova (Russia) — Neck of the woods
II place — Chaoyue Pan (China) – Male Belly Dancer
III place — Artem Onoprienco (Russia) – Navy-blue and yellow St. Petersburg 2015
Jury Honorable Mention — Alessandro Rota (Italy) – South Sudan: from war to life           

I place  — Fyodor Telkov (Russia) – Old Believers
II place — Michail Domozhilov (Russia) – Lake white cranes
III place — Oleg Ponomarev (Russia) – A village school
Jury Honorable Mention — Rui Li (China) – Jewish Festivals. Series
Jury Honorable Mention — Alexei Malgavko (Russia) – Living village

Sports category
I place — Alexei Malgavko (Russia) —     2015 FINA world championships. Diving   
II place — Gehad Hamdy (Egypt) – The Knights         
III place — Rajendra Mohan Pandey (India) – Street cricket
First Jury Honorable Mention — Darya Isayeva (Russia) – Russian hockey
Second Jury Honorable Mention — Julia Abzaltdinova (Russia) – Olympic reserve school

I place — Alexei Filippov (Russia) – Confrontation
II place — Konstantin Chalabov (Russia) – Light and lines of water polo
III place — Vladimir Astapkovich (Russia) – Zero gravity
First Jury Honorable Mention — Michail Domozhilov (Russia) – Bison Track Show
Second Jury Honorable Mention — Alexei Malgavko (Russia) – 2015 FINA world championships. Diving

My country category
I place — Elena Chernomortseva (Russia) – The history in water       
II place — Rafayat Haque Khan (Bangladesh) – Life with Garbage     
III place — Sergey Orlov (Russia) – Midsummer night
Jury Honorable Mention — Luis Tato (Spain) – Las Luminarias: a Spanish festival of fire and horses
I place — Dmitrie Tkachuk (Russia) – White silence
II place — Md Shahnewaz Khan (Bangladesh) – Fallen Stars
III place — Pavel Volkov (Russia) – A small world
III place — Anton Unitsyin (Russia) – The city with great past and silent present
Jury Honorable Mention — Elena Anosova (Russia) – Neck of the woods

Portrait. A Hero of Our Time category
II place — Svetlana Bulatova (Russia) – Movlid         
III place — Miguel Candela (Spain) – Howard, The Dictator   
First Jury Honorable Mention — Berta Tilmantaite (Lithuania) – Harvesting the Ocean
Second Jury Honorable Mention — Matic Zorman (Slovenia) – The Nightshift

I place —  Danilo Garcia Di Meo (Italy) – Letizia, A Story of Unseen Lives
II place — Michail Domozhilov (Russia) – The cage
III place — Pavel Volkov (Russia) – Suvorov Military School cadets
First Jury Honorable Mention — Artem Protsyuk (Russia) – The trigger
Second Jury Honorable Mention — Robert Tappert (Slovakia) – #ID

The 2016 contest is supported by major Russian and international media outlets, news agencies and photo societies. Its general information sponsors are: The Rossiya K TV Channel (Russia Culture), KP.ru, the  news and information portal jourdom.ru portal and the Russian Photo portal. The contest's international information partners are: the Askanews news agency, EFE news agency, EBC, Notimex news agency, RT TV network and portal, The Royal Photographic Society, Shanghai United Media Group (SUMG), Xinhua news agency,  Independent Media, ANTARA Foto press photo agency. The contest's professional information partners are: the Academy of Photography, the agency Geophoto.ru , the photography educational website photo-study.ru, the Moscow Union of Journalists, the Union of Student and Youth Media,  the portal Young Journalists and the Uglich Photo Parade festival.