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Специальный фотокорреспондент МИА "Россия сегодня" Андрей Стенин

Andrei Stenin Photo Contest to open for entries on the journalist’s birthday

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Moscow, December 15, Rossiya Segodnya Press Service – The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest, named after Rossiya Segodnya’s photojournalist who died in southeast Ukraine in August 2014, will open for entries on his birthday, December 22.

Alexander Shtol, Head of Rossiya Segodnya’s Integrated Photography Directorate: “In 2017, Andrei Stenin would have turned 37. We observe his birthday every year, inviting the entire journalistic community to remember Andrei and his works, and also inviting young photographers to think about their photographs, pick the best ones and try their luck in our contest, which can take their photography to the next level.”

This contest was launched by Rossiya Segodnya under the aegis of the Russian Commission for UNESCO. This is the only Russian platform that helps discover new names in photojournalism, that maintains and develops its high standards and formulates the criteria of high-quality documentary photography. The main goal of the contest is to support young photographers. Only those under 33 years of age are eligible to participate.

In 2017, the Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest was supported by the largest Russian and international media organizations, news agencies and the community of photographers. The 2017 contest introduced special prizes in three categories: “Top news”, “My planet”, and “Portrait. A hero of our time.” The new categories were sponsored by the leading international media organizations, such as the Shanghai United Media Group and the Al Mayadeen TV Network, plus the International Committee of the Red Cross, one of the largest humanitarian organizations in the world.

The contest’s 2017 international partners included: Al Mayadeen TV,  Shanghai United Media Group (SUMG) and ICRC. General media partners of the contest included the news website Vesti.Ru, the Russian state Rossiya-Kultura TV channel, news website KP.ru, news website ZhurDom and the Russian Photo website. International media partners of the contest included Sputnik News Agency and Radio, Askanews news agency, Independent Media holding, Notimex news agency, RT TV channel and news site, The Royal Photographic Society, Shanghai United Media Group (SUMG), Xinhua news agency, ANDES news agency, news agency ANA and Al Mayadeen TV channel. Industry media partners included the Academy of Photography, GeoPhoto agency, Photo-study.ru educational portal, Bleek Magazine, the Union of Journalists of Moscow, the Union of Art Photographers of Russia, Young Journalists information portal and the festivals  FotoistanbulKOLGA TBILISI PHOTOPhotoVisa and Uglich Photo Parade.