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Открытие выставки победителей IV международного конкурса имени А. Стенина

The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest: We are proceeding according to plan!

© РИА Новости, Екатерина Чеснокова

MOSCOW, Apr 27, — Rossiya Segodnya Press-Service. Now that the world is swept up by the COVID-19 pandemic, the simplest precautions – personal hygiene and self-isolation – are the most effective. Staying home can save lives. The Andrei Stenin International Photo Contest team has also been working from home but is continuing to do everything it can for the 2020 contest to be held in full.

Even in this difficult time, we are following our plan: the contest’s expert group has reviewed some 5,000 photo submissions to confirm compliance with the contest’s rules and prepared them for the international jury.

Команда конкурса им. Стенина: оставайтесь дома!

Members of the expert group and art gallery dealers from Russia, the US, France, Italy, Japan and India will start selecting the best photos online in late April. It will compile the short list and announce it on June 16 at stenincontest.com.

In early June, the contest will give its online audience an opportunity to choose the best photo from the short list. In addition to professional opinion, by tradition, we will also consider our viewers’ opinions. The names of the winners will be announced in September.

The contest continues holding talks with its international partners and preparing a world tour of the winners for this year. We want people in many countries to see the best photos by young photographers, to learn the new names of photo masters and to appreciate their talent and skills as we do.

The contest team wishes all participants success in 2020, and of course, good health!

Stay home – we will continue working for you!