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Открытие выставки победителей Международного конкурса имени А. Стенина

Andrei Stenin Press Photo Contest announces 2020 shortlist

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MOSCOW, June 16, Rossiya Segodnya press service. The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest (https://stenincontest.com), announces that the contest’s international jury of leading photography experts, has selected the best entries from over 5,000 submissions. Young photojournalists from 75 countries competed in the contest this year.

The shortlist includes photographers from 19 countries – Russia, the US, France, India, Italy, Spain, Iran, Bangladesh, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Belarus, South Africa, China, and – for the first time – the UK, Austria, Argentina, Brazil and HaitЕ

The shortlist of the 2020 winners:

Top News. Singles: 
Bruno Thevenin, Spain
Chandan Khanna, Haiti
Leonardо Malafaia Alves, Brazil
Lynzy Billing, UK
Sergei Bobylev, Russia
Top News. Series: 
Alex McBride, UK
Francesco Bellina, Italy
Jeoffrey Guillemard, France
John Wessels, South Africa
Luis Tato, Spain

Sport. Singles:  
Mitchell Quiring, USA
Sebnem Coskun, Turkey
Sergei Gapon, Belarus 
Zhuang Wu, China
Sport. Series:
Ayanava Sil, India
Chandan Khanna, Haiti
Evgenia Novozhenina, Russia
Maxime Puteaux, France
Pavel Volkov, Russia
My Planet. Singles:
Abdul Momin, Bangladesh
Balazs Beli, Hungary
Fyodor Telkov, Russia
Sean Steininger, USA
Shubham Кothavale, India
Sumit Sanyal, India
My Planet. Series:
Kevin Krautgartner, Germany
Luis Tato, Spain
Mary Gelman, Russia
Sergei Parshukov, Russia
Younes Khani Someeh Soflaei, Iran
Portrait. A Hero of Our Time. Singles: 
Bruno Cerimele, Argentina

Luciano Cagliardi, Argentina
Rahul Talukder, Bangladesh
Samuel Eder, Austria
Yury Smityuk, Russia
Portrait. A Hero of Our Time. Series:
Alessandro Cinque, Italy
Danilo Garcia Di Meo, Italy
Santanu Dey, India
Shiva Khademi, Iran

All fotos:  WINNERS 2020

This year’s entries are distinguished by the painterly quality of extreme visual beauty. Through its code, young photojournalists have tried to express and understand the most pressing problems of our time – from social and political clashes to environmental issues. They believe beauty to have a great humanistic influence that can save the world.

Regarding the 2020 winners, the curator of the Andrei Stenin Contest and head of Rossiya Segodnya’s visual projects, Oksana Oleinik, noted:

“The philosophy of the noosphere and problems with the oceans, the revival of exotic jobs in modern India and the preservation of the ecological balance in Congo, the outbreaks of the Ebola virus on the African continent and the religious traditions of small nations – these are just some of the subjects that our shortlisted photojournalists have depicted. In young photojournalism there is no concept of a “closed” or “passing” subject. Our contestants suggest that in today’s world there is no separate disaster or well-being, one is connected with the other. Viewers cannot help but be surprised and amazed by how skillfully and accurately they reveal these links.”

The Grand Prix and category winners will be announced in September on stenincontest.ru | stenincontest.com.

Contest organizers also plan to launch the traditional winners’ road show at various world cities through the end of the year. 


About the contest

The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest, organized by Rossiya Segodnya under the patronage of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, aims to support young photographers and draw public attention to the challenges of photojournalism today. It is a platform for young photographers – talented and sensitive individuals open to all things new – to highlight people and events near us.

2020 Stenin contest partners

General media partners:  Vesti.Ru news website and the nationwide state  Rossiya K TV Channel (Russia Culture). International media partners: Sputnik news agency and radio, Askanews news agency,  Independent Media multi-platform company, Notimex news agency, ANA news agency, RT TV channel and website, Shanghai United Media Group (SUMG)China Daily website, The Paper website, Al Mayadeen media network, Prensa Latina news agency, News1 news agency, DBW website and Brasil 247 website. Industry media partners: National Geographic Russia magazine,  Russian Photo website, Photo-study.ru website, Photo AcademyYOung JOurnalists website, Fotoargenta magazine, Delhi Photography Club, Enfoque Visual magazine and LF Magazine. International exhibition partnerPhotOn Festival.