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Dimitry Beck

When the photo combines information and emotion, i can exlaim “well done!"

© Dimitry Beck

Interview of Dimitry Beck

Dimitry Beck, а member of the Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest 2020 Jury,

The director of photography of Polka (magazine www.polkamagazine.com  + gallery www.polkagalerie.com + factory www.polkafactory.com) (France) 

©Polka Magazine / Photo © Bruce Gilden / Magnum Photos

©Polka Magazine / Photo © Bruce Gilden / Magnum Photos
1.     The outcome of every contest depends on the experts judging it. But jurors are just human beings with their subjective views and professional likes and dislikes. What could help you keep an open mind and avoid current influences/trends/clichés?

In photography, like in every means of expression, you have to believe in your way of seeing and in what you feel. As we all know that point of views are subjective, it is important to bring a strong and committed vision. Especially in a time of huge flow of images. Read, see and get inspired by the work done in the past by our mentors, our fathers and mothers, is fundamental. You will see how free some of them were, how sensitives they were too. and how they found their own inspiration. In order to avoid current influences/trends and clichés, it is important to go through the history of photography but also of arts, and to keep your eyes open to the diversity from everywhere, different cultures and continents. Watch and get inspired across time and space help you to be more open-minded and different into your photography. Even though in photojournalism category there are some key rules and ethics to respect.

©Polka Magazine / Photo © Farshad Usyan for Polka Magazine

2.     Since its invention, photography has been positioned as an independent art form that doesn’t need any additional formats to explain the themes or subjects in the image.  However, today photographers make use of a multitude of other formats to express their meaning more clearly. Many photo projects are based on multimedia formats. Is the art of photography driving itself into a corner by abandoning the purity of the genre, which is a direct dialogue between the image and the viewer?

Contrary to what one might think, the scope of photography goes beyond its formal 2D perception. Since ever. That is why photography still gets an amazing power when it is pure, as a single picture/shot. Whatever the use of photography in multimedia formats, I think that purity of the genre will last for a while. The essence of photography, taking out of consideration its technical aspect, is representation, interpretation and vision. The rest is either entertainment or a way to offer a wider experience to the viewer.

©Polka Magazine / Photos © Farshad Usyan for Polka Magazine

3.      What can make you exclaim about a photo: “Well done!”?

When it combines information and emotion.

©Polka Magazine / © Philippe de Poulpiquet/ © Emile Nieger / Musée de l’Armée.



©Polka Magazine / Photo © Manfred Thierry Mugler
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