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Russian Ambassador to the DR Congo Alexei  Sentebov at the opening of the exhibition of the winners of the Stenin Contest at the National Museum.

Stenin Photo Contest Roadshow Kicks Off in DR Congo

© Russian Embassy in DR Congo

KINSHASA, October 22 — RIA Novosti. The international touring exhibition of winning photos from the Andrei Stenin Contest for young photojournalists has opened in the capital of DR Congo. A display of selected works by the 2021 winners can be seen at the National Museum until October 28; admission is free. From October 29, the display will move to the Free University of Kinshasa. The Russian Embassy in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is the exhibition partner.

The exhibition in Kinshasa showcases about 30 photographs by young reporters from Russia, Germany, the UK, Canada, Mexico and other countries. The topics presented at the exhibition form a visual string of events that have sent traffic to news websites soaring over the past 18 months. Among the highlights are the May protests in Minneapolis, natural disasters such as glacial lake outburst floods in the Himalayas, and the COVID-19 pandemic, which has already claimed millions of lives around the globe.

Opening the exhibition, Russian Ambassador to DR Congo Alexei Sentebov said:

“This is not the first exhibition of winning works from the Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest held in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the heart of the African continent. This time, the country has a double responsibility – its capital city is not only opening the 2021 exhibition, it is also launching the global roadshow. This special mission was assigned to the National Museum of the Congo; in a week, this venue will hand the baton over to the Free University of Kinshasa.”

He also noted that the Stenin Contest fully reflects the concept of an international project by presenting completely different works by photographers from all over the world.

“The contest broadcasts the idea of  Russia’s multifaceted approach to cooperation with external partners, our openness to the world, and readiness to see it in all its complexity,” Sentebov emphasized.

  • Exhibition of the winners of the Stenin Contest at the National Museum.
    Exhibition of the winners of the Stenin Contest at the National Museum.
  • Exhibition of the winners of the Stenin Contest at the National Museum.
    Exhibition of the winners of the Stenin Contest at the National Museum.
  • Exhibition of the winners of the Stenin Contest at the National Museum.
    Exhibition of the winners of the Stenin Contest at the National Museum.

Oksana Oleinik, curator of the Andrei Stenin Contest and Head of the Photo Projects Desk at Rossiya Segodnya, noted in her video address to the participants and guests at the opening ceremony:

“In 2021, more than 4,500 works from 70 countries took part in our contest. One of its main tasks is to support young photojournalists at the beginning of their careers, offering them an opportunity for dialogue with the best photo experts on the jury as well as with viewers around the globe. And since the launch of the contest in 2014, we annually announce their names with joy and pride – those professionals of the highest class, with confident technique, daring and out-of-the-box thinkers.”

Oksana Oleinik also thanked the Russian Embassy in DR Congo for their assistance in organizing the exhibition:

“I am sure that together we have succeeded in supporting young and emerging talents of modern photojournalism, as well as in bringing our countries closer together.”

Professor Henry Bundioko Banyaïa, Director of the National Museum of DR Congo:

“You can see for yourself the amazing geography and variety of genres. Each photo is not just an image; it is a whole story. You can stand in front of each of them for hours and watch in silence, think and experience extraordinary sensations. Many students have come to the exhibition today. We would like those who choose photography and journalism as their profession to know that honesty and courage are the main qualities of a journalist. These are the qualities that the outstanding photographer Andrei Stenin possessed.”

The 2021 Stenin Contest Road Show will visit other countries as soon as COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are lifted there.

According to tradition, the annual submission period starts on Andrei Stenin's birthday, December 22. Applications can be submitted in Russian (https://stenincontest.ru/), English (https://stenincontest.com/) and Chinese (https://cn.stenincontest.com/) on the contest website.

About the contest
The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest, organized by Rossiya Segodnya under the patronage of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, aims to support young photographers and draw public attention to the challenges of photojournalism today. It is a platform for young photographers – talented and sensitive individuals open to all things new – to highlight people and events near us.

General media partners of the contest include the Rossiya-Kultura federal channelMoskva 24 channel, Vesti.Ru news website.
International media partners include Sputnik news agency and radio, RT channel and website, Askanews news agency, Independent Media holding, Telam news agency, ANA news agency, Shanghai United Media Group (SUMG), China Daily news website, The Paper news website, Al Mayadeen media network, Prensa Latina news agency and DBW news website.

Industry partners of the contest include the Russian Union of JournalistsYOung JOurnalists news portal, Russian Photo portal, Photo-study.ru website, Photography AcademyFotoargenta magazine, Delhi Photography ClubLF MagazineAll About Photo website, EYE photography magazine, Artdoc magazine, IPhoto Channel and PhotON festival.