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The exhibition is supported by Rossiya Segodnya's representative office in New Delhi and the Russian Embassy in India.

2022 Stenin Contest international road show to make its second stop in New Delhi

© РИА Новости, Gulnoz Azizova

NEW DELHI, February 17 – RIA Novosti. New Delhi has become the new international venue for the 2022 Andrei Stenin Contest road show. The exhibition of more than 60 works opened on Friday at the AIFACS Gallery, a RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

The exhibition is supported by Rossiya Segodnya's representative office in New Delhi and the Russian Embassy in India. Single photos and series by reporters from India, Russia, China, Iran, Italy, Bangladesh, Guatemala, the Philippines and other countries will be on display at the AIFACS Gallery until February 23.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition was attended by Olga Dycheva, head of the Sputnik representative office (part of Rossiya Segodnya) in India; Alexander Shtol, executive director of the Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest; Denis Alipov, Russian ambassador to India; Ashwani Mahajan, co-convenor of the Indian political and cultural movement Swadeshi Jagaran Manch; and famous Indian journalist Sudhir Chaudhary.


As Dycheva noted, more young people and guests came to the exhibition this year.

“This time the Indian youth bombarded us with questions about how to enter next year's contest. Every year we receive many entries from India, and every year there is an Indian resident among the winners,” Dycheva said.

According to Alexander Shtol, executive director of the Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest, India is an interesting venue.

“First of all, we have excellent partners here who always support us. We understand each other, and the event is going well. And the people in India are amazing. They show great enthusiasm,” Shtol said.

He noted that India is a spiritually rich country.

“Even when we receive photographs from India that lack technical quality, they are always so full of emotions and colors that it is simply impossible to pass them by. And they always make it into the top of our charts… This is already our eighth contest, and we hope that we will enter the information space in the region of Central and Southeast Asia and attract more people,” added the executive director of the contest.

As Russian Ambassador to India Denis Alipov noted, the contest initiative was supported by the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO in 2014 and has become a unique platform for novice photographers.

“The exhibition features selected photos by young photojournalists from all over the world, including India. Through their works, we are able to see what is both visible and invisible,” the ambassador said.

Prior to New Delhi, the road show, which kicked off in Moscow in October 2022, also made stops in Pretoria (South Africa) and Sharjah (UAE). Exhibitions are also planned in other cities of the world, including in the countries of the Middle East and Southeast Asia. As per tradition, the call for entries for the 2023 contest opened on December 22, Andrei Stenin’s birthday.

About the contest
The Andrei Stenin International Press Photo Contest, organized by Rossiya Segodnya under the patronage of the Commission of the Russian Federation for UNESCO, aims to support young photographers and draw public attention to the challenges of photojournalism today. It is a platform for young photographers – talented and sensitive individuals open to all things new – to highlight people and events near us.

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