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National photo archive GeoPhoto

Industry Media Partners

National photo archive GeoPhoto is a photographic agency founded in 2002 in Russia. As of today, GeoPhoto is a leading agency in nature/geographic photography in Russia, whose content quality is head and shoulders above other similar resources. This shows itself in topic diversity, technical and creative content, and our client-oriented way of structuring the archive. Our customers include the mass media, publishers, advertising and interior decorators, as well as architecture designers.

The agency focuses on nature and geography of Russia and the whole world. This includes a whole range of topics related to wildlife and human life: landscapes, geographic objects, plants & animals, wildlife, travel photography, air photography, countries and continents, environment, science, industry, cultural & social events, tribal people, marine photography, and many others. 

Around 500,000 photos and illustrations are featured at the website, with a total of 2500,000 images in the archives. All the unpublished photos are currently being prepared for publishing. The archives expand through concluding new contracts with photographers. Presently, the agency brings together around 500 professional photographers, mainly Russian, Ukrainian and ex-Soviet ones. Most of them are recognized experts in various genres and styles of photography.