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The School of Visual Arts

Industry Media Partners

The School of Visual Arts is an educational project by PhotoMap aimed at teaching practical skills and contemporary theoretical knowledge. We use time-tested methods: in the creative professions, there is nothing better than the direct transfer of knowledge from Master to pupil. The students are expected to be ambitious, persevering and goal-oriented.
The School of Visual Arts offers consultations on all the topical issues in the contemporary visual arts, in particular, photography. For the first time, photography is viewed in the context of the history of the visual arts and its interaction with other arts.
The School of Visual Arts offers:
•   a startup in the student’s chosen field and an opportunity to check whether it is the best choice, improve skills and abandon common stereotypes;
•   the chance to interact with famous photographers, journalists, writers, directors, camera operators, artists and designers;
• meetings with the most successful and famous representatives of these professions;
•   the possibility of gaining publicity through famous Russian publications and agencies;
•    a genuine opportunity to make a statement and enter the Russian photography and art markets.
Classes, seminars and workshops are conducted by leading Russian and foreign photographers, artists, art historians, photo editors and designers. These include: artist, photographer and creator of unique projects Vita Buivid; art historian Anna Buivid; artist and photographer Maria Ionova-Gribina; director, poet and photo artist Tatyana Danilyants; photography historian and artist Alexander Kitayev; world famous photojournalist, two-time winner of World Press Photo Sergei Maksimishin; art experts Lyudmila Mashanskaya; art expert and photo critic Viktoria Musvik; artists Valery and Natalya Cherkashin, and others.
Every tutor offers their own unique and self-developed teaching technique, as well as a broad knowledge of their field and extensive work experience. All course programs include both theory and practical skills. Themed videos are shown during lectures.
In addition to their regular classes, students at the school are able to attend club seminars, workshops and meet-the-artist events, which will be announced in advance.