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Shanghai United Media Group

International Partners

Shanghai United Media Group

Established on October 28, 2013, the Shanghai United Media Group (SUMG) consolidated Shanghai’s two leading newspaper groups – Jiefang Daily Group and Wenhui-Xinmin United Media Group. SUMG now publishes more than 20 newspapers and magazines, operates two publishing houses and has over 8,000 staff members. The total circulation of newspaper under its wing exceeds 3.7 million copies per day. Among the newspapers, Jiefang Daily, Wenhui Daily and Xinmin Evening News are China’s top-tier news publications with their influence and time-honored reputation. SUMG is also the biggest shareholder of Shanghai Xinhua Media Co., Ltd, a listed company at the Shanghai Stock Exchange (Share A – stock code: 600825). According to a latest report from the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, SUMG is the biggest of its kind in China’s newspaper publishing houses in terms of overall economic turnover.

Upon its establishment, SUMG is committed to developing digital media platforms for future development. The digital media products, ranging from WeChat accounts, Weibo accounts, and mobile apps to short-message news services and mobile aggregation distribution platform, have covered more than 240 million users. Among these digital media products are two landmark projects, The Paper, an online news platform, and Jiemian, a financial information service provider.

The Paper went online in July 2014. It now has more than 80 million subscribed users on mobile devices. With a vision to become China’s No.1 online news platform, The Paper has already been ranked as one of “China’s Top 10 Online News Providers” and ranked the second among the regional operators.

Jiemian.com was launched in September, 2014 as a financial information service platform. It has over 12 million registered users now. In the “2015 China’s Top 1000 Markers,” it was the only information provider among the top 30.

Located in the most open city in China – Shanghai, SUMG pursues development with an internationalized approach. The group has overseas correspondents in more than 10 countries and regions across the world. It has set up over 20 remote printing locations and distributed overseas newspaper editions in nearly 20 cities worldwide. The group has established strategic partnerships with world-renowned media groups such as Rossiya Segodnya, the Agence France-Presse (AFP) and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC). SUMG is also developing cooperation with major universities in the world with a purpose of developing think tanks and sponsoring high-level forums.