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Shanghai United Media Group

International Media

Shanghai United Media Group

Shanghai United Media Group (SUMG) was established on October 28, 2013 through the integration and reorganization of Jiefang Daily Group and Wenhui-Xinmin United Media Group. SUMG is committed to the corporate purpose of being “Fast, Accurate and Reliable,” and aims to become a new-type mainstream media group with strong influence and competitiveness in China. SUMG has more than 6,000 employees, and 20 newspapers and magazines such as Jiefang Daily, Wenhui Daily, Xinmin Evening News, Shanghai Daily, and Shanghai Morning Post. It also has many well-known new media brands such as Shanghai Observer, The Paper and Jiemian Cailianshe, as well as two publishing houses, namely Sanlian Bookstore and Wenhui Press. 

Since its inception, SUMG has been revving up efforts to forge a new “3+2+4” blueprint for integrated communication. The “3” refers to three integrated media platforms, namely Shanghai Observer, Wenhui and Xinmin. The “2” refers to two influential new media platforms, namely The Paper and Jiemian Cailianshe. The “4” refers to four specific segments which are international new media, financial services, personalized information delivery and lifestyle information services, with unique new media products such as Sixth Tone, SHINE, Wuli and Zhoudao. After six years of development, SUMG has transformed from a traditional newspaper group dominated by newspapers and magazines to an omnimedia group with new media platforms making up half of all subsidiaries.

By the end of 2018, SUMG had had a variety of new media formats such as website, app, Weibo, WeChat public account, mobile newspaper and search-engine intermediary services. These new media channels stably cover more than 430 million users. SUMG has 11 mobile apps with total downloads of over 264 million, 164 WeChat public accounts (9.52 million followers), 49 Weibo accounts (100 million followers), and 14 websites, covering a total of 56.71 million users.
In accordance with the “3+2+4” blueprint, SUMG is leveraging artificial intelligence and other innovative technologies in all aspects of news gathering and editing in a bid to create a “Smart Media Matrix” for the group in the omnimedia era.

SUMG is actively expanding into cultural business and owns culture-related enterprises such as Xinhua Distribution Group and listed company Shanghai Xinhua Media Co., Ltd. SUMG has launched the 825 New Media Fund, Real Power Creative Fund, and United Media FOFs, with total assets under management exceeding 10 billion yuan.
According to the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, SUMG has maintained its status in the past few years as the biggest of its kind in China’s newspaper publishing houses in terms of overall economic turnover.