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International Partners

Télam is Argentina’s national news agency.

Télam news agency was established 75 years ago. It is engaged in information and advertising activity and sees its objective as rendering services in journalism and advertising as well as their development. Its advertising business is conducted in compliance with the national legislation.

The agency’s primary task is prompt dissemination of reliable information with a view to ensuring diversity, unconditional freedom of speech and the citizens’ right to information. 

Télam subscribers gain access to major national media and information supplied by government and private agencies as well as local media, which use Télam as their main source of information. The agency has a free online resource: http://telam.com.ar, as well as a video portal and a radio station. Télam can also be found in social networks. All its resources offer publications prepared directly by the agency.

It is also noteworthy that Télam has 28 regional offices, which makes it the only news agency that covers the entire country. It is worth adding that in order to become more competitive, Telam also covers international news.