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International Partners

Sputnik (sputniknews.com) is a news agency and radio broadcaster with multimedia information hubs in dozens of countries. Sputnik operates through websites, analog and digital radio broadcasting, mobile applications and social media. Sputnik newswires are published in English, Arabic, Spanish and Chinese round the clock.
Sputnik websites are available in dozens of languages, including English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Turkish and French. Sputnik websites carry a variety of content, including infographics, video, photo essays, live video and audio streaming and Internet voting. In addition to prompt news release, Sputnik also publishes analytical materials and exclusive interviews.
•    Sputnik’s news websites are available in over 30 languages, including English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Serbian, Turkish, French and Japanese.
•    The number of broadcasting hours exceeds 800 hours a day
•    Sputnik newswires run 24/7 in English, Arabic, Spanish and Chinese
•    Sputnik websites get approx. 13M unique visitors a month
•    Sputnik exceeds 13.5M subscribers on social media
•    Sputnik information products feature infographics, photo essays, live streaming and online polls

The international public opinion project was created in January 2015, in partnership with leading research companies such as Populus, IFOP, and forsa. The project organizes regular surveys in the United States, Europe and Asia on the most sensitive social and political issues.
•    30 surveys a year
•    Over 150 000 respondents from 17 countries