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Winners 2017

Victims of smuggling.

Portrait. A Hero of Our Time., Jury Honorable Mention
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Behrooz, 26. To cover the expenses of his sister’s wedding, Behrooz and his brother decided to smuggle fuel. They took 2000 litres of diesel fuel to the border. On the way to and around Lake Hamoon, they encountered the police. The police fired, Behrooz was hit in the leg, and his injury required hospitalization.
Lal Khan, 35. Lal Khan took 2000 litres of diesel to the Pakistan border. On his way back, he was fired upon and shot and then taken to the hospital. He was found bleeding severely after lying by the side of the road for an hour. His spinal cord was damaged. Lal Khan has no idea who shot him. He is now paralysed from the waist down.
Dadmohammad, 45. Dadmohammad lives in a border village in Iran. He used to be a farmer. After the droughts in Sistan, he could no longer go on farming. He says he didn’t have even bread to eat. He and other villagers decided to start smuggling fuel on their donkeys eight years ago.
Hajar, 22. Hajar’s father kept diesel in his house, and their house became a diesel depot where the smugglers loaded up before heading for the border. Hajar was playing near the diesel barrels when suddenly they caught fire. She was burnt severely. Hajar has had several surgeries, but her father cannot cover her hospital expenses any more.
Ahmad, 34. Ahmad was taking 1500 litres of diesel to the border. The police ordered him to stop at a checkpoint, but he drove away. After a few kilometers of pursuit, the officers threw spikes under his car and his tires burst, causing the car to overturn. Ahmad was thrown out of the vehicle and his arm was severely injured.
Mohammad, 31. Mohammad lives in a border village. He was grazing his sheep on the bed of Lake Hamoon eight years ago. When the police fired at escaping fuel smugglers in the place Mohammad was grazing his sheep, he was accidentally shot in his left eye, with the bullet exiting through his right eye. He lost both eyes.
Naser, 26. Naser and his father started smuggling fuel to earn a living. On the first night of their work, they went to the fuel depot with 50 empty barrels. The police fired at them. Naser was hit by a bullet in his spinal column and was seriously wounded. Naser and his father decided to sue the police.
Eesa, 29. Eesa was working as an assistant in a fuel smuggling vehicle. He and the driver were going to the border with 2500 litres of diesel when the police opened fire on them. When several bullets hit their vehicle, the driver lost control of the car and it overturned as they flew off the road. Eesa was shot and lost his leg.


Six million litres of diesel and paraffin oil are smuggled out of Iran on to Pakistan every day, which amounts to about two billion litres every year. Joblessness, drought, and the low price of fuel in Iran compared to Pakistan are the main reasons for fuel smuggling.


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