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Winners 2017

Migrants in Belgrade.

Top News., Grand-Prix. 1st place. Special prize "For humanitarian photography" by ICRC.
Беженцы в Белграде. Укутанный2017_TN_series_Беженцы в Белграде_ПитаниеБеженцы в Белграде. Ожидание2017_TN_series_Беженцы в Белграде_Два мираБеженцы в Белграде. Согреться2017_TN_series_Беженцы в Белграде_Барак2017_TN_series_Беженцы в Белграде_Шайл2017_TN_series_Беженцы в Белграде_Сон2017_TN_series_Беженцы в Белграде_Молитва2017_TN_series_Беженцы в Белграде_ДушБеженцы в Белграде. Помощь2017_TN_series_Беженцы в Белграде_Прогулка
Беженцы в Белграде. Укутанный
2017_TN_series_Беженцы в Белграде_Питание
Беженцы в Белграде. Ожидание
2017_TN_series_Беженцы в Белграде_Два мира
Беженцы в Белграде. Согреться
2017_TN_series_Беженцы в Белграде_Барак
2017_TN_series_Беженцы в Белграде_Шайл
2017_TN_series_Беженцы в Белграде_Сон
2017_TN_series_Беженцы в Белграде_Молитва
2017_TN_series_Беженцы в Белграде_Душ
Беженцы в Белграде. Помощь
2017_TN_series_Беженцы в Белграде_Прогулка
A man, wrapped in a blanket to protect himself from freezing temperatures waits for water to heat up so he can bathe himself.
Two migrants eating after picking up their daily food ration distributed by a group of volunteers. For many, this is their only meal of the day because they don’t have money to buy more food in Belgrade’s stores.
A young man waits his turn in the food queue where hundreds of migrants flock to daily to receive their food rations.
Group of Afghan and Pakistani migrants gathered around a bonfire not far from buildings being built by Eagle Hills, an investment and real estate development company based in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).
A man warms his hands over a campfire inside one of the warehouses near Belgrade’s Central Station.
Inside one of the barracks where the migrants sleep and spend much of the day waiting for the moment to cross into Hungary to continue their journey through Europe. In two of the warehouses the concentration of smoke released by the bonfires was is so high that many people have developed a chronic cough.
20 year-old Shail,from Afghanistan stays warm by a bonfire inside one of the barracks. Six months ago, he left his country after being persecuted by the Taliban. Before entering Serbia, where he has been waiting for three months to cross the border into Hungary, he was incarcerated for a month in Bulgaria.
Several people sleeping while wrapped in blankets in one of the barracks.
A migrant prays early in the morning near one of the buildings being built by Eagle Hills.
A young man lathers himself next to a barrel where migrants heat water for bathing. Daily bathing is necessary to prevent lice and scabies.
A young man leaning on a window of an abandoned train car near Belgrade’s Central Station.
A migrant walking to one of the warehouses where hundreds of others like him are waiting in Belgrade to continue their journey through Europe.


About 1,500 men, from Afghanistan and Pakistan, live in  abandoned warehouses next to Belgrade’s Central Station, Serbia. In spite of temperature lows in the city reaching —16ºC, this group of migrants preferred to stay in these barracks for fear of being deported from the official camps.


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