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Winners 2020

A generous Batman

Single, 3rd place
A generous Batman

Batman in his car sending a voice message as he leaves the hospital.

For the past six years, every first Friday of the month an unknown man gets home from work only to suit up again – but this time to put on his supersuit – and goes to pay a visit to the Children’s Hospital in La Plata, Argentina. He has a very special goal: to share joyful moments and spend quality time with the patients. These patients are children who can be just months old and up to 16 years old. Batman seeks to ease the suffering of these boys and girls during a hard time in their lives. His utility belt is equipped with color pencils and coloring books, which he leaves as gifts for the kids. During his visits he’s always accompanied by a sister from the hospital convent. The sister informs him about each child’s condition. Twice a year he hosts his famous “bat-meetings,” special social events to help raise funds for the hospital. Our local dark knight keeps on writing his legacy.

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