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On a gagné

Series, Jury Honorable Mention
On a gagnéOn a gagnéOn a gagnéOn a gagnéOn a gagnéOn a gagnéOn a gagnéOn a gagnéOn a gagné On a gagné
On a gagné
On a gagné
On a gagné
On a gagné
On a gagné
On a gagné
On a gagné
On a gagné
On a gagné
On a gagné
Night detail of the Mediterranean Sea, seen from the Mare Jonio ship.
The remains of the migrants' rubber dinghy.
A woman embraces her children and other children, after being rescued by the Mediterranea. Many women were raped in Libyan ghettos and got pregnant.
Спасённые судном организации
A man, immediately after the rescue, rests on the Mare Jonio.
On August 28, 2019, 70 miles from Misurata, the Mediterranea organization rescued 98 shipwrecked migrants, including 22 children under the age of 10 years, six unaccompanied minors and eight pregnant women. Most of them suffered torture and slavery in the Libyan ghettos.
A woman feeds her baby after being saved from the shipwreck.
Kadher, a child from Ivory Coast, is transferred to a Coast Guard ship with his mother and other children. The transshipment was carried out in the open sea, at night with high waves and the risk of falling into the sea, which is why it has been dubbed “the transshipment of shame.”
The Italian Coast Guard ship leaves the Mare Jonio after the "transshipment of shame."
A migrant, on board the Mare Jonio after the rescue wears a thermal blanket.

On August 28, 2019, 70 miles from Misurata, the Mediterranea organization’s ship Mare Jonio rescued 98 shipwrecked migrants. Most of them suffered torture in Libya. After travelling for two nights, the migrants reported engine trouble. When the rubber dinghy started to deflate, 6 people died. The former Italian Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini refused to allow the rescue ship to enter Italian waters, leaving  the Mare Jonio15 miles from Lampedusa for days. On August 29, the Coast Guard transshipped 64 people. The transshipment was carried out in the open sea, at night with high waves, which is why it has been dubbed “the transshipment of shame.” The Mare Jonio spent six days off coast with 34 other migrants on board, in poor sanitary conditions and without drinking water. These are the words spoken by the mission head after more than six days had passed:“Brothers and sisters, on a gagné.” The last 34 people left on the ship were evacuated.

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