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Portrait. A Hero of Our Time

The Unchained Bird

Series, Jury Honorable Mention
The Unchained BirdThe Unchained BirdThe Unchained BirdThe Unchained BirdThe Unchained BirdThe Unchained BirdThe Unchained BirdThe Unchained BirdThe Unchained BirdThe Unchained Bird
The Unchained Bird
The Unchained Bird
The Unchained Bird
The Unchained Bird
The Unchained Bird
The Unchained Bird
The Unchained Bird
The Unchained Bird
The Unchained Bird
The Unchained Bird
Songs of the Madman
On a train moving at 50 km/h, a Baul is seated on the corroded metal roof and loses himself in the ocean of music. Wealth is contrary to their pursuit of life, so they risk their lives by riding on the roof of a train, where they have nothing to hold on to.
The true beauty of the Baul lies in their free spirit. Apart from the body and mind, they also cherish nature because they believe that all spiritual life is deeply rooted in the core of nature.
In Bauls’ philosophy, the human body has the highest value. The human body is composed of Pancha-bhuta (air, water, sky, earth, and fire) and is the dwelling place of God.
As he embraces his young student after many years, the Baul Guru cannot hold back his tears. Moments of togetherness create an emotional and spiritual atmosphere. Their tears convey love, respect, and empathy for each other. The Bauls follow a mystic philosophy. They accept the concept of the traditional Guru. We find ‘Murshid’ or ‘Shaikh’ or ‘shaykh’ as preceptors in Sufism. This tradition is carried forward in the Bauls’ Guru, who helps them find the way towards learning the Ultimate Truth.
Twilight of a Life
TheBauls express unconventional thoughts in their songs, which reflect our own lives. The lyrics are interwoven with mysticism and metaphors. The songs are usually performed by a sole vocalist accompanied by a one-stringed instrument, the Khamak, which is a symbol of unity and peace.
In the Bauls adhana, the human body is regarded as the ultimate reality. One can unite with the Supreme Being through the human body.
Drowning Memories
A Baul lives on alms, a way of life that is free of family bonds and past memories. They move from village to village living on alms.
Where the Lord Resides
A Baul lost in himself amidst an ocean of music. Bauls believe the human body is a temple where the Lord resides. One can unite with the Lord through intense moments of music, they believe.
A soul unchained
An unchained soul is supposed to have the characteristics of ultimate reality. An unchained soul is something that comes from the inside, which is within everyone. The liberation of the soul is possible only if a Baul gains an insight into the truth during an ecstatic moment of the mystic union of the Supreme Being and the self. They attain divine love and bliss and feel spiritual joy at that moment. It leads to the desired goal of a total elimination of all misery.
The Unchained Bird
The world of Gods, good and evil, the abstract and tangible all refer back to the same vital force. Life is one and all its forms interact. This means that the Baul searches within himself for the truth, "the rare and unknown bird," the something uncatchable which sometimes sings within us and makes us men of heart.

Bauls are a group of itinerant mystic singers who have been wandering from one Bengali village to another for centuries, extolling the ways of love. This unique community has a rich cultural heritage that developed over a long period. Their way of life has formed through direct and indirect interactions of ritualistic and cultural folk beliefs and ideas. The word Baul literally means "mentally disturbed," with a connotation of frenzied behavior. The Bauls, "God's Madmen," follow no doctrine and preach no religion. On the contrary, they stand against all forms of social or religious sectarianism. Freedom of the spirit is theirs by-word. They are known for their unconventional lifestyle and a different approach to religion. The true beauty of the Baul lies in their free spirit. They do not believe in rules and regulations that are part of orthodox religions.

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