Contaminated сolors

Contaminated Colors

The series of portraits shot in Espinar district, near the huge Tintaya and Antapaccay copper mine complex, tells the story of Peruvian people affected by environmental pollution caused by the mining. The colored backgrounds represent their feeling of hope. In last few years, mineral extraction has become a backbone of the economy, replacing the agricultural economy in local communities. At the same time, the rights of the indigenous population have been violated. Malnutrition and contaminated resources affect people’s health, and many children are born with mental and physical disabilities. However, there is no health care system to help them. The Peruvian Constitution stipulates respect for the territories and cultural identities of these communities, but this is not complied with, leading to violent suppression of social protest by the police. Land exploitation is a common problem in Latin America and it shows how a new form of colonialism is creating profit by spoiling local communities.